ALKACIP 20 is a compounded Alkali cleaner for CIP and soak cleaning of process equipment in the food and beverage industry. It contains no phosphates making it biodegradable

Is an alkaline product for removal of soil and dirt on product pipes and tanks in the food and beverage industry. It contains special complexing and cleaning agents and corrosive inhibitors for the removal of protein and fat soil. It does not attack stainless steel and can be used repeatedly.

General use instruction:

  1. Pre-rinse tank/pipeline with water until effluent is clear.
  2. Circulate 1 – 2.5 % ALKACIP 20 for 30 – 60 minutes depending on the soil to be removed. Temperature should be from 70 – 80 deg C.
  3. Rinse until pH is neutral.
  4. Sanitize with appropriate sanitizer.
  5. Final Rinse (optional: depending on the method of application of the sanitizer to be use)

*For specific dilution or application, please consult Kalinisan Chemicals representative.

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