ADDIQUEST PRO is a liquid additive that is used in conjunction with caustic soda system in bottle washing operations. The product exhibits superior wetting ability, surface tension reduction and anti foaming property.

  • prevents scale from forming in the bottle washer,
  • removes rust rings and date code ink
  • Removes blackened ACL.
  • Makes bottles sparkling and drop free.
  • Protects bottle from caustic attack.
  • Excellent soil removal property.

General use instruction:

For better results, bottle washer must be free from scales to improve cleaning and heating efficiency. A regular de-scaling of the bottle washer is recommended..

  1. Dose into one compartment, 0.1 – 0.5% ADDIQUEST PRO. Make sure that caustic and additive concentration and temperature are met before feeding bottles in the washer.
  2. Circulate carriers.
  3. Start feeding bottles
  4. Monitor Caustic and ADDITIVE concentration every 2 or 4 hours and replenish as needed.

*For specific dilution or application, please consult Kalinisan Chemicals representative.

*Available in:
Carbouy and Drum


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